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Book Club
If you had a chance to ask the author of your favorite money management book, what would you ask and why?
Landon Martin The question that I would most like to ask is just "What is one piece of information that you wish you could add to or remove from the book?". I know a lot of authors will often release new editions of their books to update the information to fit their current ideas, but it would be interesting to me to see how their ideas have changed over time. [ more ]
Dashanera Don’t have a book. But how to handle emotional spending. [ more ]
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Book Club
What do you think are the best books to help someone master their money?
Tenecia Atomic Habits (James Clear) Money Master The Game (Tony Robbins) The 10x Rule (Grant Cardone) Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) @Bee - thank you for the list shared above too. Will definitely have a look at those. [ more ]
Nathan_Gregory @jmaschak Everyone learns differently! Books are better for some, others prefer videos. Great suggestion though, we'll have to check it out! 😁 [ more ]
jmaschak One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch An easy read that provides the basics of investing. Can you get the same info on a 15 minute You Tube video ? Yes, but Lynch explains it in such a way that you understand and retain what he is trying to tell you. [ more ]
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