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Buying A Home
How was your experience buying your first home? Any advice for first time home-buyers?
Sheree ❤️
Nathan_Gregory @Landon Martin That's crazy! I would have never thought to check anything like that before buying a home. That goes back to what @Steve was saying though, you really need to be thorough and check literally everything on the property; from the smell, to the actual ground itself! [ more ]
Landon Martin Bought my first house about a year ago. The process itself was mostly painless, but houses were selling so fast in the area it was sometimes frustrating and annoying trying to find a good deal that wasn't being snatched up immediately. One thing I have learned since buying the house that I never would've considered beforehand is to look at the composition of the soil in the area. Where I live the soil is mostly clay which can expand and contract a lot depending on how much moisture it is... [ more ]
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