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Retirement Planning
What are some 401k or IRA hacks to get the most out of your retirement account?
Riva951ie @landon Martin Would you recommend only matching what your company offers in the 401k? My company only matches 1%. I have this set to 7%. OR do you think I should only do 1% match and put the other 6% in a ROTH IRA? Or out the 6% into stocks? Or? Thanks in advance! [ more ]
Landon Martin Besides the occasional selling of the company stock, I personally don't do any other managing of my 401k. Maybe I am in the wrong but with the limited number of funds available within the 401k itself, I just selected a target date retirement fund that changes my investments for me as I get closer to retirement age. Also, I still have 35-40 years before I reach the typical retirement age so I am just trying to ride out the storm right now since I am not too worried about needing the money... [ more ]
Nathan_Gregory Awesome, great advice @Landon Martin ! has the pandemic made managing your 401k tougher than usual? Any advice for someone trying to open up a 401k during everything that's been going on? [ more ]
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Retirement Planning
What is by far the EASIEST way to retire a millionaire?
Nathan_Gregory @Landon Martin Great tips! Traditional investing can be a great way to build some wealth over time, but like you said, your money is sort of trapped until you are of retirement age. Not a bad way to get to a million though! [ more ]
Landon Martin Can't answer this question with 100% certainty because I am far from retirement and far from having a million dollars, but the strategy I am currently using to hopefully get me there is to max out my Roth IRA (love the idea of not having to pay taxes on it later), contributing only to my 401k the amount that gets me the full employer match (got to get the free money), and then putting the rest of the money that is meant for investing into other accounts where I have more control over my... [ more ]
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