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Saving Money
What’s one hack that helps you with your budgeting?
Nathan_Gregory @Landon Martin It's definitely been tougher due to the rising prices at the grocery store. As to how to return back to normal: We'll have to wait and see what things look like when they actually do return back to normal, but we actually recently published an article on things you can do to pass the time during this pandemic not too long ago (don't worry, there's some options for going out of the house on this list, too). Hope this helps! [ more ]
Landon Martin It was very easy to stick to the budget while everything was shutdown since there was nothing to spend money on but ever since things have started opening back up it has personally never been more difficult to stick with it, at least as far as the budget for eating out goes! I have definitely exceeded the amount of money that I designated for eating out the past couple of months because besides going on multiple walks everyday, going to get food is the only time I get out of the house. [ more ]
Nathan_Gregory @Landon Martin I love the auto deposit idea! One of the best ways to go about your saving/budgeting is staying organized and using certain plans and aspects to your advantage. Has the pandemic affected your budgeting at all? (Has it made it easier, better, or harder to stick to?) [ more ]
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