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Stock Market Investing
What do you all think of the recent stock market gains? Will the stock market continue to grow through the rest of this year??
Landon Martin It feels like the headline I see everyday is that the stock market rose on investors hope for the next stimulus bill or something similar. Obviously a lot of how the market is valued is based on how people feel but it seems like too much value has been placed on that recently and not enough on how companies are actually performing. Makes me think it can't continue like this forever but at the same time I don't know if that necessarily means a big drop in the market. [ more ]
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Stock Market Investing
Investing for Passive Income
Landon Martin Thank you, Nathan! [ more ]
Nathan_Gregory Hi @Landon Martin , we actually published a complete guide on this a little while back: But essentially, if you wanted to gain passive income with stock market investing, you would have to invest in a company that offers its stockholders a dividend. Invest in enough companies that provide a dividend and you'll basically be paid for owning shares, AND you'll have the value of the stock you can sell at any time. Hope this helps! [ more ]
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